Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 Million Giveaway...KIVA!

LOL, no one is trying to give you $10 million so get that thought outta your mind! I have been learning about microfinance and how some foundations give loan to woman and budding businesses/entrepreneurs in developing country to help them become self sufficient.

KIVA is a lending organizations that allows regular people like you and I to become financers. All you have to do is log on, look through the profile of these entrepreneur and you can decide on who will receive your $$ and how much you choose to give. When a loan is paid back, the lender can choose to lend the money to another entrepreneur. KIVA loans require no collateral and are zero interest.

KIVA is run by Matt Flannery, Jessica Flannery, and Premal Shah. For more information, go to KIVA's website here and see what people are doing..and maybe you can decide to be a loaner. $25 will go a long way people!


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