Monday, July 31, 2006

This Past Weekend..Weddings...Phones etc.

So my dearest cousin T got married this past weekend in Canada. Guess who did not make it to the wedding? Me! T is pretty much our closest cousin. Although we didnt know each other till I was about 13..our families grew really close. Thanks to my cousin, I visited Abuja before I left Naija. I know I'm already digressing. T is very pretty, light skinned and God knows she loves the best that life has to offer. T craves attention like no other. I have never met T's husband o.In fact before we left Naija, T was dating this guy called Kola. hmm..Kola was the ideal inlaw-to-be. Enough chocolate for us, taking us out, not to mention the suya. To top it off, he was talk, dark, and handsome. T lived in Maitama, Abuja but went to school in Ilorin where she met Kola. My uncle, T's dad, is the strictest man I know.Chei!

T would come to our house in Lagos on hols so that Kola could come visit her. If her father knew, she would be dead! This went on for a long time o and come 2002 T was leaving for Canada 3 weeks before I was to leave for the US. My family knew about Kola and T's mom knew as well. However, my uncle had no idea whatsoever that Kola existed. I dont remember how but somehow sha my mom and T's mom told uncle about Kola. He wasnt excited to put it nicely. At least he let Kola come tothe airport to say goodbye. They did the usual crying and saying I love you 1000 times. Off she went!

Well lets just say they lasted about 1 year I think and then Miss T could not handle the distance. I was shocked. They were the cutest couple I had ever seen...I almost gave up on love o. These people were so in love they had a song and did all the lovey dovey things you could think of. Anyways, to cut the long story short, T broke up with wasnt funny o.It was sad that there was a lotta bad talk back and forth and my uncle was particularly happy.

I know that Kola loved Miss T with all his heart. He cried when they broke up, he called T's mum, my mum, and my sister. I knew Miss T hadseen someone in Canada to give her all the attention she could not do without. As of last year,Kola called my sister here in the US and he said he still loved T. O well, at the time T let us know she was seeing someone else. A Naija guy from one of the Imgbati states.

Next thing, T called me in May to tell me that she was getting married July 29, 2006. She wanted my sister and I in the wedding and God knows I wanted to be in it too. As fate would have it, my sister found out she could not make it cos she could not take any more days off work. I still hoped I could...come June, I realize that I cant go because I just started my new job, and my passport's expiration date was fast approaching.

Na so we come call Miss T to tell her and start apologizing o. I trust my cousin, she took us on the longest guilt trip ever recorded. I have to give her credit for maintaining contact even when my lazy self refused to call anyone. Anyone that knows me knows how hard it is for me to keep it touch.Thats something I need to work on. As per the guilt trip, we re still on that trip o. I know and I feel bad cos we had always planned on being in her wedding. But she should understand that passport and visa issues are beyond me and the nigerian embassy was not about to renew my passport in two yam? Anyway as of Saturday July 29, 2006 my cousin's last name changed o. It weird, I dont think I will believe it till I see her and her husband. I am sad that I did not make it.

However, I had a fun weekend...I went to another wedding! I was going to talk about both weddings but mehn I didnt know T'story would go for so long. I will continue later. Till then....have an awesome week!


...... So I Started My Blog

Since this is my first posting, I figured I should let you all know a lil' bit about me. I have been toying with this idea for a long time and I visit other blogs regularly..I figured its hi time I gave back...dont u agree?

ACCENT: Nigerian of Course!
Chore i hate.....Doing dishes, I'd rather clean 10 bathrooms.
Dogs/Cats......Dogs definitely. I recently realized that I am allergic to cats...after a terrible asthma attack
Essential Electronics..LAPTOP, Cell Phone, would ve mentioned Ipod but I dont own one
Hometown..Ikirun, Osun State
Job title....Financial Analyst Co-op
Kids..None (for now)
Living arrangements..Living in a house with 2 wonderful Nigerian Girls
Most admired trait...Ability to memorize numbers, loyalty, hooking people up with stuff.
Number of sexual partners? I'll spare you the details
Overnight Hospital stays...NONE
Phobia...Darkness, Long Flights, Slippery Winter Roads
Fav Quote: I asked God for all things that I may enjoy Life, He gave me life that I may have all things....somthing like that
Religion. Christian (Protestant)
Siblings. 2 sisters and 1 brother (all older)
Time I Wake Up: Since June ....4:15am (It sucks)
Unusual Talent/..I remember all the numbers associated with me..passport #, debit/credit card numbers, bank account number, 18 digit school id number, any number...its weird. I dont even try I just know 'em
Vegetables i refuse to eat. Olives, BROCCOLI
Worst Habit...Being late...I am terrible at it! Maybe its the Nigerian blood in my veins
Yummy foods i make...all sorts of desserts (ask my roomates), BADDDDD Fried & Jollof Rice!
Zodiac sign....VIRGO!