Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Catching My Breath.....

Yay...I'm ALIVE!!!!

Phew...I feel like I have been running for a month straight. My pipo how have you been? Thanks to those who were actually missing me (LOAS and VERA...n Xoxo)I got back from naija a week late...missed the first week of school...got in a car accident on the drive back to school...o the blessings of living in Minnesnowta..tres tres thankful to be alive! There's about 29 inches of snow outside my house and guess what? We expect 7-10 more inches this week! Hmm...m thinking about taking a picture of all the snow outside but I am too lazy to get up. Next time! I guess I should really think about snow activities. My bush self has REFUSED to sled, ski, or go ice skating. Wait o...I did go ice skating but I was on the floor like 99.99% of the time.

Ok so where do I start? I know you all want an update on broda and my sis but you will have to wait till my next post...I promise you wont have to wait till 2008..hehe
Naija was good..I did almost everything I wanted to do. I did get sick for a week...my skin kinda reacted to something in naija and its just getting its freshness again. Aha...let me tell you what happened to my sister on the streets of Lagos.

She was meeting up with her boyfriend and there was a lady preaching on the side. My sister was wearing a top with a lil cleavage...very little o. Next thing she approached my sis as started shouting...asking her to showe her brassiere. Apparently the woman was convinced she didn't have one one.She was wrong! She told her she would go to hell fire...you know all that jazz. my sister was shocked but I really wasn't when I heard. I really thing people are overly judgemental in Naija esp when it comes to issues like that.

So I have been looking for jobs since I graduate in May and hmm...the thing is not easy. You see I am one of those people that think that all I have to do is apply and I'll at least get interviews. Doesn't work that way o. So if you know of any companies hiring Accounting majors..let me know o.I do have internship experience in finance and my GPA is good enough(I hope). I would really like to start off with a Big 4 firm..but people have been telling me to apply to other places too.

Anyways, I will be back soon with the broda update! sit tight! Hope 2007 has been treating you well so far.