Friday, September 22, 2006


First let me just say thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful week..yup..I celebrated my birthday all week. My birthday itself was a busy day..I was on the move from 4;30am till 9;30pm but all in all it was a sweet day...My bobo made it special for me and I got enough calls from all over. My presents self..U wan try?
Fast-forward to Saturday...I woke up with a toothache..xoxo..I know what you are talking about now. See I've never had problems with my teeth until now. I knew I had a cavity but I was waiting to go to Naija in December to fix it. Its not my fault that root canals are so damn expensive. Omo, I was communicating with my tooth to hold on o..the thing no gree. From no where the tin begin dey pain like crazy. I was in my bed o groaning in pain when Sharon "a friend' said she was going shopping. You see as I like to shop I carried myself and went. Needless to say I was miserable all day. My head was pounding..I couldn't eat/sleep. I think I got high on Ibuprofen self. Anyways I got back home and went back to the fetal position I was in earlier..and na dia I tanda o.

Then, my roommates started talking some more about this party that was a half hour away. Everyone I asked was going to that one party and it just so happened that I was the only one that wasn't psyched. So I said I didn't feel like going o...say tooth dey pain I wan sleep. My roommates were like noo SA we aren't leaving you at home. One of my roommates doesn't like to go to parties and I saw that she was very excited about this one so I was like even if its just to say I was there too..Then I will go although I had no intention of dressing up.

I put on this God-forsaken tshirt and normal jeans and na so my roommates begin dey shout say noo..SA cant dress up like that. At this point, I started getting upset; I can wear whatever I want to wear whenever I feel like it. Somehow sha I put on a more 'presentable' outfit and off we went. On the way, we had to stop at Mike's house so Tope could pick up her keys. Next thing everyone was getting out of the car and I thought they were all being stupid. Why in the world did 5 girls have to go get one set of keys? Mike then came out and said we were looking so good he would take pics of us (he's really into photography). Anyone that knows me knows how I like to pose for camera now. Shoott....I walked faster and caught up with the group kia kia.

Na so I come enter house o...People come dey scream say "SURPRISEEEEE" My people, I tell you say I slow no be small. Na so I come dey look behind me to find the person wey dem dey surpise. Buhahaha! It took me a good minute to figure out the surprise party was for ME! so I come begin the waterworks! There were like 40-50 people there...Fried rice...Chicken...DJ...everything!

I should've figured it out long ago. My roommate was supposedly 'studying' all nite long. I guess they had been cooking and decorating and stuff. They even got me one big cake like dat o..Chocolate cake for that matter. That one plus the marble cake boo got me earlier. I'm sure I've gained some 'birthday pounds.' Its all good though.
I danced so hard that nice...Shakira could have learnt a good number of moves.

Beyond birthdays sha...I've just been working like a horse. Even when I'm at home I feel the need to work. I don't know if its a good or a bad thing o..cos I need my personal time abi? I'm just glaaadd its the weekend and I get to sit back, relax,and catch up o blogs. Ok now...lemme get a piece of cake and let the reading begin. Hope there's enuff gist for me o.

Wait o...I forgot to mention this: So I have this friend Gina (Naija girl) and another friend MissW. For a while Gina and Mr. D have been 'talking.' MissW on the other hand is in a relationship with one of boo's closest friends. Infact they met at my house the first time Boo's came to meet me as per his boy's girl. He is a really nice guy and he's totally 200% into Miss W. About a month ago, Mr.D came into town with his friend, Gina was outta town but Miss W. and Mr.D ended up at a party together...and to cut the long story short...the deed was done. How did it come to light?Mr.D and Miss Gina have been talking some more lately and he confessed to her. Gina and MissW are close in they are immediate close be say they are in different circles. Gina said Mr.D was crying when he told her. Whatever,,,he should continue crying and you should stop talking to him at once. For a whole week I could not look at MissW in The face o...She doesn't know that I know about the whole thing cos Miss Gina told me as a big sis. MissW has wronged me on both sides. She slept with my girl's man AND she cheated on her boyfriend who she met at my house. I know I am a big mouth but I told boo and he is very upset esp since she cheated on his paddy paddy. He swore he wouldn't say aything for my safety lol but we will see. MissW's bobo is in town again this weekend..he drives 3 hours to come see her and he has been down the past 3 weekends in a row.....Apparently she told him that she kissed a guy..I guess kissing and 'having sex' and the same thing these days, right?
Mr D came to town last week and Gina was giving him attention still. For real...would you still give the guy time if you know he and your girl got down and dirty? True he and Gina do not have anything yet but he is professing his love day and night and I just know she is falling for him despite all the shakara.. O yeah by the way she forgave MissW. M like this graciousness or stupidity?
I guess I am not a part of the problem or the solution so I should keep my comments to myself.

Now I will get back to my blog reading. Hope you had an awesome awesome week!


Thursday, September 7, 2006

Crazy Days

I am dey try kill me but I have adopted this "no one can bring me down' attitude. Please o. Its month! Shoootttt. I'm not moving na hia I tanda. Its my birthday on Wednesday the 13th and yes I am excited cos its my day! INfact lemme talk true...I feel like I own the month. By the way Boo and I are born on the same day but in the different months. Awww....yeah whatever.

Nothing much has been going on with me o...except for the fact that I got sick..yes o.I am getting over a cold. na so so sneeze sneeze...enough kleenex in the trashcan at home and at work. O..and the mean woman at work who my officemate calls the 5-letter B word..(yeah that one) has decided that she likes so she is being nice to me. I fear this niceness o.

Ok this woman seems to be one of this old single women that never got married and is content to be mean and drown herself in her work. She started at my company as a full time staff 3 weeks after I got there...her fashion sense is an apology..and she is one of those that feel the need to ask questions to appear smart or something. I think she is just sucking up to our manager jare.

Its so happened that my work and the lady's work is kinda similar so we collaborate sometimes (unfortunately). While the guy that trained us was here...madam would complain about everything. See me see trouble our finance department organized a 'summer blast' event for everyone one. There's over 100 people total.We were all going to go bowling for the lazy self mehnn my happiness no get part II. Getting the afternoon go pizza..wings..all that good stuff...FOR FREE..while getting paid.Haba!! too good. Everyone should be excited right? Noooo.. Madam could no just see why a bunch of people would leave work to go bowling. She refused to RSVP but in the end she was forced to go. Of course she complained that she would prefer to work..m like woteva...pass me a slice of pizza pleaaasee! Beyond that she even mentioned that she did understand why her brother would drive his own wife to work.

I dont know she was sharing this information with me and the poor guy from NY. I dont want to know, but now that you've mentioned it, I think its sweet that your brother drives his wife to work. Thats how its supposed to be! Do you know she said if it were her, she would make the woman ride the bus. Later she starts going on about her cats and how she has to feed them. In my head I'm like blah blah blah.....ok lets continue this story tomorrow! haha

On another note o..See me see trouble...women and their issues! Ok so this past weekend, na so I dey tanda o. This girl happened to walk by and I was like o I'm waiting for my boyfriend. By the way, I met Em through her boyfriend o. This is how our convo went.

SW: I am waiting for my bobo
Hater: Who is your bobo?
SW: Em.
Hater: STILL?

Mehn if to say she be Naija na slap go land for her mouth. SHio! She be half Tunisian half American and her bobo na this nice African American guy that I used to work with o. Mehn I was gonna ask her "Are you still with you own bobo?"
What did she mean by that? I told Boo o and I will tell her Bobo self when I see him. This girl is the most paranoid freak I have ever seen. She seems to think everyone is after her man. I leave her in her paranoia but when she comes ans starts asking me stupid questions like that...SW gets MAD very MAd.
Anyways...Her case is in the cooler!

Nothing much has been going on with me o...just stuff. How have you been?