Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Cant Think Of A Title So..

...Here Goes. Merry Christmas in arrears loves! I have missed my blog and I have missed you guys its not even funny. Na time no gree me update this thing since self...abeg make una no vex. Finals went well thank you and I did pweety good. Na for my papa house I siddon as I dey type o..I pray this epileptic internet connection does not go off on me o. I tell you it can bre frustrating. Last week I typed up a post and lost I just lost all the ginja I had and turned off the damn compura.

Let me start from the beginning...I thank God for journey mercies but damn...whats up wiht flight delays and all that. I somehow got away with not paying jack for being 30 pounds excess luggage. The flight to italy was pretty smooth..but damn that airport is something they had to treat the flight to Lagos differently.

First, the gate is located in the basement..and it has a funky smell, plus see my naija peopleeeeee. It seemed like all the ibo boys have finished doing 'runs' and were now going home to spend! (I'm not trying to diss ibos o..I'm just telling it as it is). When it was time to board the plane, they did not board by seating or anything..we all just stood in a random line with everyone trying to get ahead of the other person. I dunno if all the babies aboard decided to cry o..but I couldnt sleep plus it was like Mile 12 Market in there. Nigerians disregard the seat belt sign and keep going back and forth like we are at Ojuelegba. My PEOPLE OH!!!

Naija has been good so far BUT... it is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Within 3 days I developed heat rash all over my body...I tell you the thing dey spoil my fresh skin o. Even my baby face sef chai! Thank God for concealers. Abeg all of you start praying that my fresh skin will return to me ASAP. Amen.

I just got back from Laffs & Jamz but I had to leave early cos we live so far away from Ikoyi..I wan laugh die? One bad thing though..I did not get to see P-Square and i paid my 2000 Naira. O well..good times!

2006 is coming to an end. It has been an awesome year and God has been good. There have been ups and down but my God has been faithful. I am working on my 101 but I dont think i will be done with it till I'm back in the US though. I'm so thankful for you all and I'm glad i decided to start blogging this year. your stories, jokes, and experiences help me, motivate me, crack me up, make me sigh!

So I dedicate this to you reading this for being a part of me and a part of my year. I pray that God continues to bless each and everyone of you. Merry Christmas in arrears and Happy New Year. 2007 will be filled with blessings, successes, hehe maybe even blogger-weddings in Jesus Name!

SA Signing Out!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


No...I did not forget about my blog..I'm dealing with last week at my internship, training someone to take over, documentation, huge paper due..and all that jazz!
BUT..I am looking forward to being in Naija next week. I will post later this week but until then..stay blessed and hope you're having an awesome week!

I leave you with this quote that I am totally trying to live've probably seen it before...but here is it anyhow.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” Pericles


Friday, December 1, 2006

I Used to Look Up To You....

I always looked up to you and I knew I wanted to be just like you. Too bad I was a girl but I wanted to be just like you in every other way. I remember how I used to follow you around. Everyone called me "Little-you" I did everything with you... I wanted to be the little brother you never had.

I climbed trees with you . You taught me how to climb the roof from the guava tree. That was always a fun place to hide. I got stung my bees but the pain was worth it. You taught me how to play chess and scrabble. We used to play 'whats up' all the time. I 'fixed' the tv with you. I played table soccer with you

I remember us watching Altanta 96 together , we stayed up late just the two of us. You were so tense I thought you would faint or pass out on me. You turnd the volume of the tv down and listened to the commentator on the radio instead.I started to do that too! I remember us celebrating when Kanu scored those 2 goals against Brazil. It was B-A-N-A-N-A-S! You were funny... You always got along with people well... you still do.People love you

Things kind of started to change but I mad excuses for you. Maybe you were too busy with school...maybe the phone lines got messed up...I guess you were too busy to respond to my emails too. I remember when you came home in Dec 2001..You dont even know how happy I was to see you. But then you seemed distant....You werent particularly nice to me, your fav lil sis!

You brought up something you always did while we were growing up. In the end, like you always did all those years ago,You indirectly indicated that I was the ugly duckling. I know it seems so trivial but it hurt like hell and even worse,
I ACCEPTED that I was the ugly duckling. For years, I believed it. So much for my self esteem.I always knew I was smart.So I tried to make up for not being beautiful
It always acknowledged my brains!

While you were home.
I was smiling a lot
And then you told me
"Dont smile you have bad teeth"
And for the 4 years that followed
I hardly smiled
Not in pictures, not at people
I smiled with my mouth closed

I remember when Sade and I came to the US in 2002
We were excited
You were going to meet us in New York
We arrived waiting a big hug from big bro
But you werent there

It was our first time anywhere without mom or dad
And you werent there
You told them you would meet us here
But you werent there
We sat there at JFK for 9 long hours...
Hungry, and tired!

Years have passed
And yes, I smile
And I know I am beeeeuuuriifulll
But things still arent right

You only really call when you need something or on holidays (you called the day before thanksgiving)You claim to be busy, I am busy too but thats not an excuse
In the almost 5 years that Sade and I have been here, you never invited us to visit you...and you've never visited either of us. For the past 6 months you have been only 5 hours away from me. Still, we havent met up once.

Brother of mine, Whats going on?

*I was talking about this with my sisters recently and thats what motivated me to write this. One my sisters talked to my brother about this and I guess the 'healing' is about to begin...It is well.*