Thursday, June 28, 2007

If I Hear "A-Bay-Bay" One More Time...

I swear I will screeeeaaammmmm! What is this new obsession that almost everyone seems to have developed over this song! Like OMG! STOP already! For those who dont know what I am talking about just do a YouTube search on a bay bay and you will hear Hurricane Chris loud and clear. Phew..I feel a lot better now that that's done with.

I am still very much in the job market pls continue your prayers. If you feel like throw in a fast or two. Thank you jare. I'm not gonna lie I get worried sometimes but then I also know that God's time is the best. So until then , I will work hard at my summer job and study hard for the GMAT.

Blogville Idols has been fun so far. Great job contestants! I wonder if Mimi and Dscribe each get to sing three songs for the finale or not. O well..I guess we have to wait and see.

I know you wanna know how my studying is going...its going ok but I can do better. i have come up with a daily schedule leading up to the test and I am doing my best to follow through. For future GMAT takers, I am using Kaplan, OG11, Cracking the GMAT, Manhattan Sentence Correction and the two little verbal and quant books from GMAC.

I will be taking tests at least once a week to see how I progress. Currently I am well above average on Math but I have a lot of work to do on the verbal aspect. I have my work cut out for me if i want to score a 700 and above. I joined the beat the gmat forum and they have some pretty good tips on there sha.

Anyways, that's it for now. I am all alone at home since the roommates are off to Houston for the Nigerian Reunion. I know why o but I have never really being interested in going to one of those. Maybe its cos there's no one to reunite with really. Plus, the whole everyone trying to show off thing does not sound appealing to me.

I could be wrong though...Is anyone going to Houston? Have fun and come back and gist us.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just When I Thought BlogVille Was Getting Boring.... all suprised me with Blogville Idol. Thank you very mush to the people in charge Pink-Satin and Opeke.Genius!! I would have loved to be a contestant o..thats why this my on and off blogging needs to stop. Anyhow sha..I will be there voting like a mad woman anyways. Which reminds me..I wasnt really impressed with the most recent American Idol o. I did not feel the competition as I have in the past. Is it just me? I remember the Fantasia days o..I just liked Fantasia's unique voice. I think it kinda sounds like she has sore throat when she was young but it didnt really go..but she can sing with it. Anyhow sha...I voted for her like 100 times. Is that cheating?
i have missed so much its like everyone has the voice thingy..let me hold off a bit before I copy. Its ok it's ok you will get to listen to my voice soon.

So what do I do with myself these days? you care.. hmm...I have a side job sha that I may blog about later. I'm at this job till I am able to find something I like/something in my field. Before I forget, Big thanks to Ms.May for the GMAT tips. The biggest goat in my village will be delivered to your door step after I take the exam. I know you will masssacre that exam o jare. Infact, after you massacre, I will come and chop it off and then we will both write a test prep book called KILLING THE US. Where will we now sell it o? CMS or Barnes and Noble?

I should be preparing for my job interview tomorrow but I dont really feel like it. I dont really want the job but I guess I should give it a try. First the guy called while I was sleeping and interviewed me for 30 minutes. I guess I must have done well because I got invited for a second interview.

Anyways, I cant wait to see what the contestants have in store for us on Idol. Pink-Satin, is there gonna be a recording for those that suck at singing. I mean, I am better than the Jennifer Hudsons and Celine Dions of the world..but I know some of these other people are wondering. lol

How have you been?