Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thirteen is my Fave Number! YAY I'm 22 in a few...

Hey Blogsville!

Sorry I have been MIA..this GMAT studying has been kicking my butt but I'll be done in less than two weeks so that great! Anyways..tomorrow (Thursday) marks by 22nd Birthday..hehe. I'm celebrating all month long , but I'll let you know how the celebration goes! Na lie o..I;m just looking for an excuse to get cute outfits. Any September people/Virgo's in the house make some noise!!

I'm thankful for my life and all that I have accomplished. I still have a long way to go and there's so much more to experience but I have some things I really want between now and my next Birthday and one of them is to be in Beijing for the Olympics next year..even if its for a minute..hehe. Ok I have 'deeper' aspirations but I can put it all here now..shey you get?

This is a short one because I have to wake up early for work and I just wanted to put a little something on here. By the way, I miss my daddy but its ok..he'll call me within the next few hours. For real my dad comes up with some random stuff o! I remember growing up and he would go to one of those weeklong Nigerian Engineers' Conferences only to come home to re-tell(is this a word?) the jokes the funniest comedians told! We would all gather ready to listen to the hottest jokes the man brought back.

Until the last couple of year my dad's travel outside Naija had been limited to Europe and those trips gann are very very limited. SO now papa SA was on a connecting flight from somewhere in Europe to Midwest USA. Shey you know how long those flights are. NA so my papa come begin dey wonder..."Na So America Far?" Seven hours pass dem neva so my papa call Hostess say "Are we there yet?" lol..the woman say no...RELAX SIR. About 30 minutes later..papa come ask again "We dey move at all" buhahahahahahaha. For real I cant believe my dad did that sha o. I was like daddy why now? I dont think he finds it funny that America is 'so far.'

Ok...I'm done putting my dear Pa on full blast. Have a good one!

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Ugo Daniels said...

Your dad's quite a trip, have a nie one. Peace!!